Michael Hobbes comes to a tough conclusion in a beautifully design and profoundly in-depth article for Highline… Millennials are screwed.

Pudding mapped the #1 song of last month in over 3000 regions around the world to see how different cultures’ music transcends borders.

Christopher Payne went to one of America’s last pencil factories, photographing the colourful and intensive process, all put together in a heartwarming article for the New York Times.

Every idea benefits from a good name. Onym gives a great set of rich tools and processes meant to help anyone discover them.

Reviewing Brand New’s “The Best and Worst Identities of 2017” is the highlight of every new year. Divided into 7 articles are both the good, the bad and the what were they thinking.

What’s better than a list of last year’s best movies, albums, books and TV shows? How about all of them?

Justin O’Beirne is an American cartographer and software engineer and he has written one of the most interesting and in-depth articles on the current state of Google and Apple Maps, and the space that divides them.