Explorers is a platform for creative thinking and research that is open to everyone. It’s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes.

Die With Me is a chat app you can only enter when you have less than 5% battery. Die together in a chatroom full of strangers on your way to offline peace.

Nintendo doesn’t make the most powerful consoles, but they usually know how to make them fun. Nintendo Labo is their new experiment, a new line of interactive build-and-play cardboards that combine DIY creations with the magic of the Nintendo Switch.

Arvind Sanjeev has created a mesmerising reinvention of what AR/VR is all about. Lumen is a mixed-reality storytelling platform that uses machine learning and projection mapping to create immersive experiences.

txt.fiy is the self-proclaimed “dumbest publishing platform on the web”. There’s no tracking, ad-tech, webfonts, analytics, javascript, cookies, databases, user accounts, comments, friending, likes or follower counts. Just write something, hit publish, and it’s live.