The Man with a Coin is a charming, funny, Wes Anderson-inspired, advertising film, created by Christian Schilling.

The Disconnect is an offline-only, digital magazine of commentary, fiction, and poetry. Each issue forces you to disconnect from the internet, giving you a break from constant distractions and relentless advertisements.

Another masterpiece for Spike Jonze who directed a mesmerising video for Apple’s HomePod starring FKA twigs.

Jen and Catie are two sisters struggling with infertility, an unexpected pregnancy and difficult life decisions. Sisterhood and motherhood meet in this powerful created by Moth Animation Studio for the New York Times.

The official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald were unveiled today. And they’re awesome.

Michael Hobbes comes to a tough conclusion in a beautifully design and profoundly in-depth article for Highline… Millennials are screwed.

Ipnot is a Japanese embroidery artist and she creates realistic miniature artworks out of yarn. is a platform for creative thinking and research that is open to everyone. It’s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes.

Die With Me is a chat app you can only enter when you have less than 5% battery. Die together in a chatroom full of strangers on your way to offline peace.

Pudding mapped the #1 song of last month in over 3000 regions around the world to see how different cultures’ music transcends borders.